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Group Manager - Hayley Aherne - BA(Hons) EYPS

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St Michael’s Pre School

St Michael’s Preschool has been running for over 30 years and operates from the Institute building opposite St Michael’s Church in Brantham.  We welcome children from all faiths and ethnic backgrounds, from 0 to 3 years, after which they tend to progress to Brooklands Young Explorers in preparation for primary school..

Care for children age 0-2 years

Our baby area is equipped with a wide range of play and sensory equipment for our youngest members, providing a large variety of resources that promote early learning through play, exploration and discovery. Inside the partitioned area, alongside the vast range of toys and natural resources, there is also a changing area and sleep area with cots and low beds.

Our qualified baby practitioners are skilled and experienced, able to meet the needs of young babies and will continue wherever possible home routines as agreed with you. Babies learn to be independent by having someone they can depend on so when your child attends the setting it is essential that he/she develops a secure relationship with the key person. who will be responsible for your baby’s routines and individual needs.

Whilst we aim to maintain a relaxed atmosphere for the babies, this does not mean that there is a lack of activity or education. The first few months of life allows for the greatest amount of learning. Your child will have lots of opportunities to participate in the activities that are planned daily. The Early Years Foundation Stage (2014) sets the standards for learning development and care for children from birth to 5 years. Our professional qualified staff will plan activities for the babies in accordance with the Development Matters criteria set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The staff will share information daily on how your child has enjoyed their day, including sleeping and feeding information.

We aim to offer a home from home provision and after continuous risk assessments and if deemed safe to do so may integrate babies with the toddlers if they wish to participate with, for example, siblings, cousins or older friends.

Care for Toddlers

Our large airy room and smaller room are well equipped with an area which has a vinyl floor suitable for messy play, i.e. paint, flour, sand, water and malleable experiences.

In the large room we have a computer suite, a carpeted area and a huge selection of age and stage related toys and resources. Most of the equipment in the area is at a low storage level so that the children can choose freely when playing or selecting activities.

Some examples of activities are a variety of threading, puzzles, construction, small world play covering all aspects of the three prime areas of learning and the four specific areas set out by the updated Early years foundation stage.

There is a cosy area, but the children will be able to access the low rise beds in the baby area should they wish to sleep.

All children are encouraged to learn through play and the children here will be encouraged to share, interact and help their peers in activities such as tidying up, role play and story time. The children will also have access to the outside play area which includes an all weather canopy and a vast amount of play equipment.

The government have introduced 2 year old funding where your child could be entitled to 15 hours free childcare.